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Artists must have books: The Dream Team

The Dream Team:
The RISE and FALL of DreamWorks: Lessons from the New Hollywood
by Daniel M. Kimmel

This book will help you shape your business in animation skills. Remember... no money no funny.

The book starts on how the DreamWorks idea for a complete film studio was conceived. When Katzenberg was still working for Disney and didn't get the promotion he was hoping for. From a simple conversation Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg had a glance at what they could create and fulfill the dreams of each of these troika members.

You will find engaging facts about the animation division at Disney and DreamWorks, how much movies had cost, how they were marketed and how much revenue they made. The competition between these studios will make life difficult for the other, and even obstructing Pixar Animation Studios with release date strategies. Fascinating facts about how Shrek was created, how much DreamWorks paid for the rights for this unexpected wealthy franchise.

Controversial moments in history where Katzenberg fell in love and believed in Animated Films while at Disney and Michael Eisner didn't seem to pay attention anymore. Jeffrey was the only member of the troika that kept pushing forward the Animation Division and responsible for not doing Classically Animated movies anymore.

Animators and Business Education.
In the present climate, where the industry is being changed by technology and in particular with the Internet, Mobile Devices, and Video On Demand (VOD). There is an opportunity to go the Entrepreneurial way, the need for big distribution firms might not be what it used to be in the near future. As a result Animators will be able to create, market and distribute their products executing the complete scope of a business.


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