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Animation Tools: The Face Machine

Anzovin Studio already famous for their Setup Machine now releases The Face Machine. Similar to their previous products, The Face Machine is a tool designed for Maya that allows its users to fully rig a 3D face in a matter of minutes.

The system is based on widgets or handles that users can position and align to their existing character. These handles are easy to identify, they are shaped in the form of an eye, eyebrow, nose, etc. All the facial features controls are waiting to be located and placed where they belong. Once the user has gone through the entire face, its just a matter of additional clicks to finalize the rig.

The Anzovin website also counts with numerous demos that indicate how The Setup Machine works.

For more information please visit: Anzovin Studio

These kind of tools are great for animators, as the traditional saying in the Computer Graphics industry goes, "Tools should be made in a way that allow the artist to focus on the art". Although rigging characters is getting easier and easier, it is an art of its own. The Face Machine and The Setup Machine are exceptional software tools pushing the envelope and making a better Computer Graphics community.

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