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Artists must have books: The Pocket Lawyer for Filmmakers

A legal toolkit for independent producers

Filmmaking is a business.
by Thomas A. Crowell.

If you are thinking about producing your own Animated Shorts and Animated Movies as a business, this book can be very handy for your legal side of your production. Although this book is made for live action productions, Animated Films can translate most of the events to its corresponding areas.

This book delivers its contents in two ways, as if you were making a movie from beginning to end of your production and also with random questions, for instance: if you want to know about the different types of Copyright, or how to set up a production company, or how are the money percentages divided in a movie?, just refer to the FAQ pages and it will take you right to the answer.

The structure of the book:

-Setting up your production company
Why do I need a company?

Should I hire a Screen Writer? buy a Script? Write it myself?

How do I hire a Producer? Director? Actors? Voice Actors?

My Art Director wants to have a well known poster in the background, what about the copyrights?

I want to hire a Composer, how do I do that?

Selling your movie, common distribution deals, the money pipeline how does the money get from the movie goer to your pocket?

Nowadays it seems easier than ever to make an independent production, inexpensive technology is a strong player and the internet your window to the world, filmmakers are sharing different areas of production. It doesn't mean that they will take care of every single aspect but it does mean that they need to become a more knowledgeable and educated person.

For more information about the author please visit: www.thomascrowell.com

There really is a lack of reading material from the business and law side of Computer animation and Visual effects industry. Great find, Mario.

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