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Inicio Ventures Awards

November 18, 2022

Latinx Campus Fund Awardees

The Latinx Campus Fund supports and showcases inspirational college-based Latinx founders in the US who through their life stories, leadership, accomplishments, and startup vision are making a significant difference and poised for success. To be considered for funding, the founders must identify as Latinx and be enrolled in a US College/University.

Congratulations to the first twelve recipients of Latinx Campus Fund awards. This group is part of a deep and growing Latinx startup talent pipeline; investable and ready for your support.

The Fall 2022 awardees represent a diverse compilation of sectors, schools and demographics.

The award process was led by an equally impressive team of MBA and Graduate students participating in our Capstone Venture Fellows program. These next generation investors and leaders successfully led the research, sourcing, nomination process, vetting and profile development.

2022 Fall Collegiate Founder Awardees

Mario Pochat

Founder & CEO, VANAS / FAME

www.myfame.org | Edtech

Harvard University

Heritage: Mexican-French-Canadian


Startup Summary

“FAME is a learning platform teaching the art and science behind movies and video games.”

FAME offers education for employment in Animation, Visual Effects, and Video Games. Every movie and video game has a great deal of art and science, like technology, design, and psychology. Our goal is to address the lack of industry training, reduce the employability gap, and help studios fill the demand for digital entertainment content. In addition, we work with elementary schools, high schools, and universities to implement digital entertainment as part of their digital transformation.

About Founder | LinkedIn |

Mario was born in Mexico City with an inclination for digital arts. As a teenager, he learned from computer manuals and was hired by one of Canada’s top computer graphics software companies. Since, Mario has helped build one of Mexico’s top three animation studios, designed visual effects for several Hollywood blockbuster movies, and created VANAS, the first cloud school in Canada for Digital Arts. Today, Mario is the CEO and Founder of FAME (www.myfame.org), an educational platform for digital entertainment teaching the Art & Science behind movies and video games. His hobby as a teenager led to a career that has taken him around the world and now he is proud to help high schools, colleges, and university art students to enter the Animation, Visual Effects, and Video Game industries.

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Mario Pochat

Aspiring Cool Guy

Creative, happy husband, and awesome papa.

What I do

I work here and study there.

I love this play playground; and this one is as well.

My wife and kids, balance my life and make me look swell. ;)

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