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Vancouver Animation School Establishes Degree Pathway with Emily Carr University of Art +Design

October 13, 2015

Vancouver Animation School establishes degree pathway with Emily Carr University of Art + Design

  • October 9, 2015
  • Category: Digital Entertainment & Interactive

Logo for Vancouver Animation School establishes degree pathway with Emily Carr University of Art + Design

VANCOUVER—October 13, 2015—The Vancouver Animation School (VANAS) has announced a new degree pathway with Emily Carr University of Art + Design (ECUAD). Students at VANAS taking any of the three diploma programs will receive credits to be transferred to ECUAD bachelor’s degrees.

After graduating from a diploma program at VANAS, students will have the option to enter the workforce or to pursue a degree at ECUAD. Where Emily Carr University has established the best degree pathway based on the VANAS diploma and students future careers.

VANAS founder Mario Pochat said, “We are very pleased with the relationship with Emily Carr, our mandate is not only to expand our academic offerings for our students, but to expand them along our targeted and focused mindset within Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. Our students will benefit for all that VANAS, ECUAD and Vancouver have to offer as a powerful combination and hub for the animation, visual effects, video game and technology industries.”

VANAS offers specialized diploma programs suited for the animation, visual effects and video game industries. The three main streams are “3D Computer Character Animation”, “Concept Art” and “Digital Matte Painting”. Each diploma program focuses on specific and feasible career titles that students can achieve in their industry of interest and does not require students to take elective classes so that they can focus completely on their strengths and interests.

Pochat said, “We believe in education for employment, in teaching innovative skills focused on artists’ strengths that lead to creative careers resulting in personal and professional fulfillment.”

This articulation agreement comes right after VANAS established a joint program with IBERO Americana Puebla, one of the biggest art and design schools in Mexico.

About Vancouver Animation School:

Vancouver Animation School is a leading worldwide educational institution offering entry level and advanced programs for the animation, film and game industries. VANAS provides an award- winning, powerfully artistic environment combined with technological extensions to improve students’ education, simplify their development process and provide a robust curriculum. Vancouver Animation School is registered by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) of British Columbia and accredited by the government of British Columbia.

For more information about Vancouver Animation School visit the website: http://www.vanas.ca.

About Emily Carr University of Art + Design:

The Emily Carr experience engages authenticity and connectivity. The passion and dedication of the staff and students attracts like-minded individuals and groups, fused by a shared and genuine commitment to interdisciplinary education, research, collaboration and excellence in visual arts, media arts and design. By placing students at the centre of their mission and vision, ECUAD is committed to ensure that degrees, programs and projects completed are relevant, agile and responsive to the changing and diverse needs and interests of both students and society.

For more information about Emily Carr University of Art and Design visit the website: https://www.ecuad.ca

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